This evocative story is of a young girl growing up within an affluent middle class Australian family. But it is also a story shared by so many who need to overcome the violence and power wielded within the home.

Unravelling and exposing the secrets behind the weatherboard walls and venetian blinds of the ordinary family, the life of a girl and the woman she becomes is explored. This extraordinarily open tale will shock and sadden, but in blending the past and the present also portrays the positive power of love and survival.

The Legacy uncovers the origins, the impact and the ways the patchwork pieces of memory and perception gathered from childhood, through mothering and onto reflection shape our own distinct quilts.

“I hate waiting here for him to make us run and hit us. It doesn’t matter how fast you run, it is never fast enough.”

The Legacy is a first novel, a fictionalised autobiography, and it’s power is drawn from the reality of lives woven under a perplexing inconstancy where fear is too often present. Many readers will identify with moments from their own past, many will recognise the emotions felt by the young Bernadette. This story will make you cry, and make you angry, and keep you reading every word.

There are only a very few remaining copies. Contact me directly on to purchase one.

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