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I am a born and bred Tasmanian – fifth generation and proud of it. I have lived along the North West coast for over 40 years, and have always loved and appreciated the natural beauty of this area.

I have an interesting and varied life, with accomplishments I’m delighted with, and challenges yet to face. Central to everything is my family, I am blessed with four grown children, and am honoured they consider me amongst their friends. They keep me grounded at the same time as encouraging my flights of fancy. Beautiful grandchildren are closing the circle, and they were among the main initiators of the first book. When I couldn’t answer the question a small child was seriously asking me, I knew what was needed.

I also have a rewarding working life. I have worked as an educator for over 30 years in various positions and rare are the days I am not keen to be there. As an adult educator I have learnt to appreciate the myriad of skills and talents which so many people have and often undervalue. Just to keep me on my toes, I also tutor in a range of topics which fascinate me – primarily how the brain works and learns. I teach educational kinesiology, mind mapping, learning styles, beachcombing and other completely unrelated topics.

I have enjoyed sea-kayaking after having to give up horse riding as my major physical hobby. This has given me the opportunity to explore our magnificent coast from the other side. I have been visited by sea creatures big and small in their natural environment which is both humbling and exhilarating.

The way we relate to each other individually and socially also fascinates me and The Legacy was born out of acknowledging my own more positive and negative characteristics, and recognising we are all constantly being affected by our past, our present ,and our expectations for the future. The total love I have for my children and their children also motivated me to explore and explain my worlds – both internal and external.

Brazenly Pure moves my writing back into the environmental sphere and shows the beauty of our world through wilderness poetry and photography combined with essays on the flora and fauna mentioned. Awareness and knowledge of our beautiful heritage will hopefully inspire readers to appreciate and care for our world and our children’s future.
I currently live with my husband Col, and our poodle, Roxy; on our property “Tiabunna” on the northwest coast of Tasmania. We are gradually making this back into a wetland and bush native plant and animal sanctuary.
But for 2014, we are going to sail around the coast of Australia, and explore our coastline from the water. Watch this site for our regular writings as we travel!

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