2014 and a brand new start

Col and I slept the new year in on the Andante, lulled by the gentle Inglis River, only disturbed at 4 am by some local lads cavorting drunkenly in the river, but that was as short lived as the pleasure of the freezing cold river I imagine.
We are heading north on the 11th January (or as soon after that as the weather gods allow) with Niko, Matt, Jasmine and Huon accompanying us on the first leg to Eden. We are planning on stopping over on Deal Island, and enjoying our last bit of Tasmania for several months to come.
From this point we’ll pick our way north, stopping where and whenever we like the look of a place. We have a Bruce , a plough (SQR) anchors, 2 admiralty picks, and Col is about to make a reef kellick – so we should be able to get good holding whatever the bottom is like.
The Andante has had such a refurbishment that there can’t possibly be much else… (she says crossing her fingers and toes). In the past three months we have:
cleaned all cooling units and replaced the gearbox cooler, renewed cooling system zinc anodes, replaced all rubber tubing in cooling system; replaced all exhaust system piping; replaced all raw water intake tubing and the impellor; modified all below water line plumbing system and replaced it with above water line outlets; made and installed new deck drains and welded up old ones; put new raised tails on the fuel and water fillers, cleaned and flushed the fuel tanks, replaced the stern bearing, replaced the gear box gasket; made and installed a raised railing around the foredeck, installed ply bulwarks; slipped anti-fouled and touched up the paint !
And today Col is in the shed fabricating a framework for us to put a shade awning over the aft deck (our cabin roof) for us to sit and sip sundowners in after a day snorkelling on the Great Barrier Reef.
So 2014 – in the sparkling Andante – a year for sailing. A year for enjoying the sights and wonders of our amazing country from the water’s edge. A year for restoration and recovery of health.
Before we leave Tasmania for the second time, we’ll try and get as many friends together as possible and celebrate in a summer / boat / pirate party. Join us if you can. Friday 10th January from 4 pm onwards.

5 thoughts on “2014 and a brand new start

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  1. Wishing you lots of fun and exciting safe adventures of discovery in 2014.
    Look forward to reading your blogs as you pick your way north.
    All the best Kev and Deb.


  2. Just read your blog, what an adventure already with its ups and downs can only admire your spirit for adventure. (Stress free)???
    All the best for 2014 with smooth sailings ahead

    Cheers Elaine & jim


  3. Best wishes for stage 2ish, will be thinking of you on the tenth and look forward to the reports and pics.


  4. Such good news Rees and Col.
    Can you keep me posted on your eda (date) into Eden. I will plan some work trips around your journey up my coast.
    Any where from Malacoota to Sydney is doable.
    Love that photo at Deal Island.
    Have fun and love to all.


  5. Col & Rees, there is no keeping you two down. The Andante wont know herself with all her new bits – wish I could be renovated like that. You will love the museum at Eden. Happy voyaging


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