Rees Campbell

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Many roles

Writer, educator, mother, beachcomber, lover, conversationalist, learner, sister/ daughter/ grandmother, environmentalist, hedonist, photographer, friend, optimist …

Feisty Tasmanian Products

Jellied Sunset

Feisty Tasmanian – Wild Tasmanian bush products – innovative, imaginative, limited edition gourmet food stuff inspired by wild Tasmanian plants.

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Brazenly Pure – the truth and beauty of Tasmania (August 2012)
A beautiful book celebrating wild Tasmania through the perspectives of poetry, photography, kids drawings and essays. Full page wilderness photography, and specialist identification photos of birds and plants complements the accessible informative essays. Children’s art done in response to the poetry adds purity and optimism to the production. Proudly printed in Tasmania and produced by 40 Degrees South Publishing in both soft and hard cover.  more…

The Legacy – (published by Ginniderra Press) my first novella. A fictionalised autobiography of a girl growing up in middle class Australia, with all the advantages the world could see, but also withstanding the dominance and abuse of power within the home. A story lived by many, told this time through the eyes of Bernadette as she grows up, then later as she reviews and analyses the way her life unfolded. The patchwork quilt of life takes shape and colour throughout more….

A thousand pleasures, a million treasures is the response evoked by exploring our local coastline. The book is intended as an accessible family text for people who wander the beach, and pick up those bits and pieces. It concentrates on the commonly found, rather than the strange and rare, so most of the things you find will be identified. more…

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