Big plans…..for small(er) adventures

Having been drawn back inexorably to Wynyard, new home port of the Andante… we have experienced a few zen breakthroughs. The barriers we’ve expended huge amounts of energy to overcome are: TIME FRAME, WIND, HEALTH, MONEY…

so we threw all our ideas, plans, expectations into the air and watched them transform. Thankyou to our friends Arno and Glenda in Albany; and Wayne and Denise in Bunbury who showed us another way.

We are going to sell our beautiful property, “Tiabunna” and buy a smaller, easier, cheaper, “lock-up-and-leave” place to call home…. That way hopefully Col won’t be too exhausted trying to keep the boat and the property going… Tiabunna is advertised on and gumtree for private sale. Check it out at and please help us get it out into the universe.

“Tiabunna” our magic house on the lake with 5ha of bush in Somerset.

We are going to bow to the forces of my health, and do small Tasmanian trips for this summer and autumn while I recover from the gall-bladder operation scheduled for 19th February, and give me breathing space for the fibro myalgia to ease a bit….

If the winds are kind, we’ll head north in April/May and back south in November. If they’re not, we’ll go when and where the winds don’t blow just for small explorations…

So Tasmania it is. Tasmania boasts the extraordinary complement of 374 islands greater than 1 hectare in size and 6,163 islets with a total land area of only about  68,000sq km – just under 1% of the area of Australia! How many could we explore? We’re not promising this – even to ourselves, but the potential is right here.

There are the Hunter group of islands….where we’ve kayaked a bit. We’ve visited beautiful Hunter, Three Hummock, Albatross, The Petrel’s, Walker, Kangaroo, Short, Harbour Islets… but we could go and see The Doughboys, Trefoil and even the Black Pyramid which is a spire of rock reaching out of Bass Straight covered in a gannet colony and will be a sight to behold. And, of course, King Island with the best cheese in the world!

There are the North East coast islands – Flinders Island is wonderful with the added attraction of being the Paper Nautilus capital, surrounded by Cape Barren, Great and Little Dog, The Chappells, Prime Seal – oh they sound so fascinating. Back to the Deal Islands because we simply didn’t get anywhere near enough time to enjoy them.

Further down the East coast there is the wonderful Maria, with such a diverse geology and history. And what a great coast line, so indented we could spend our lives sailing in and out of the bays and inlets. The whole Tasman and Forester Peninsular will need serious exploration as this area is so amazingly rich in pelagic and coastal bird life.

The south of Tasmania boasts Bruny Island, and the D’entrecasteaux channel with another life time there. We’ve always hankered to visit the Maatsuyker group, the Mewstones and Pedra Banca. That promises to be a true adventure.

Possibly back up the west coast, checking in to Port Davey, Bathurst Harbour and Melaleuca… come in over Hell’s Gates to Macquarie Harbour. We could visit Sarah Island where the tormented souls of tormented convicts still wail with the westerly winds .

Wow! Smaller adventures – can’t wait!

11 thoughts on “Big plans…..for small(er) adventures

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  1. I’m still in shock from hearing you are selling up but I can see it makes sense. The small adventures sound amazing!


  2. My very best wishes for your op Feb 19th, will be thinking of you. Just get your self healthy again and start off fresh.
    Take care,
    Cynthia A


  3. Sorry to hear that your health is playing up Rees. You and Col must have done a bit of soul searching to agree to sell up but it does require constant work. I’m grateful Kev and I got to visit and we thought Tasmania was wonderful, we were always saying we could spend a lifetime exploring the wonderful bays and waterways that we kept discovering on land and there would me many more to find by boat! Wishing you fun adventures and speedy recovery xx


  4. Don’t forget Schouten Island. We sailed there and it was wonderful. Just swam a rope to shore and tied up yacht to a tree. After we saw a shark swim under the boat later in the day, we asked someone who was walking on the beach to untie us as we weren’t too keen to get back in the water again even though it looked so inviting.


  5. Don’t forget Schouten Island. We sailed there and it was wonderful. Just swam a rope to shore and tied up yacht to a tree. After we saw a shark swim under the boat later in the day, we asked someone who was walking on the beach to untie us as we weren’t too keen to get back in the water again even though it looked so inviting. Hope your surgery goes well. It was amazing how well I felt after my op because you get ill so gradually, when you are suddenly better, its astounding!


    1. Thanks Deb, yep… Schouten is definitely on the visit list – but I could do without the shark! Don’t particularly want close encounters of that kind. Whales, dolphins, fish….yes.


  6. Barb & I have bounced your advert around Bris, Canberra & NZ, hoping you get some response – the place looks & sounds beautiful. our new plans sound adventurous & exciting. Islands are floating dreams & so romantic. You’ll have a wonderful time. Can either of you snorkel or dive?
    We’ll think of you Rees on the 19th. Hope you feel much better after – going to put a crimp in the wine & fish & chips, though.
    Love & best wishes, Carl & Barb.


    1. Thanks guys, lets hope your efforts bring us a buyer! I love islands, and they were the main exploration objective from the beginning, so that’s all good. I used to dive, but now am just an avid snorkeler, and having more than sufficient BMI, am impossible to sink 🙂 and Col enjoys snorkelling a bit (but more in warmer water than Tassie offers) Oh well, bugger about the fish’n’chips, I’ll just have to stick to the wine.


  7. All the very best wishes to you for your recovery. Your new plans sound amazing and I wish you every success with your downsizing. Have you considered Bakers Paradise unlimited? Also room for The Andante…
    Love to you both


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