The journey by sea begins

After sitting on a borrowed mooring in the delightfully sheltered Casuarina Bay at Bunbury for the past fortnight and still getting our teeth blown out by the southerly gales, we are putting all our atheistic faith in the Bureau of Meteorology and trusting their forecast of “light and variable” winds will accompany our trip from Cape Naturaliste to Cape Leeuwin and on to Albany. First stop today will be at Quindalup, where we’ll check all the things that can only be checked after a few hours at sea. Then, at about 2am we’ll head around the capes. We are scheduled to arrive in Whalers Bay near Albany at nightfall on Monday. There will be a lot of wind and waves between here and there. Yesterday’s waves around Cape Leeuwin… a 7m swell with 2-3 m waves on top!

We welcome Wayne Phillips on board. He’s a local Bunbury-ite with loads of sailing experience; and is a thoroughly delightful companion to boot. The 36 hour stint will be made so much easier with three to share it.

Watch this space… Albany next.

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