We’ve been restoring our property “Tiabunna” for just over two years from a beautiful, but weed ridden, overgrown and sad place to a rejuvenated wetland and bush sanctuary. We’ve counted 81 species of birds, including 7 of the 12 Tasmanian endemics; with a healthy population of the much maligned Native Hens the property is named after.  We have platypus and golden bellied water rats in the lake; potoroos, wallabies, bandicoots, quolls and devils in the bush….

Seriously now…

Col has been talking about a boat for a while, and we’ve been searching the internet for something suitable. What we wanted was: steel (because he thinks wood is too leaky, and I hate fibreglass), big-ish (because we love each other, but maybe NOT quite enough to live together in a 20 footer) and a motorsailer ( because he loves big diesel engines, and I don’t… ) because we wanted a wheelhouse and above deck living space.

So we found the Andante 2 on the internet, went to Bunbury and that was it…

Now we have a boat on the other side of Australia, and our adventure begins.

I’ve taken 18 months off work, and we have Donna and Matt looking after Tiabunna.


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